Frazier’s Texas (qty 24)

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You will receive 24 Arrowhead cardstock of your choosing size! In the box, list #'s you would like to receive otherwise these will be a grab bag of any prints I have on hand! 

Size small and medium will come with 2 of same print (so 12 prints, 24 total) as people like to use these sizes for vents.  

 **** These are guaranteed to fit Frazier's Little Shop molds. All other molds may work but have not been tested! ****

TAT: Cardstock ships in 3-7 business days

Fraizer’s Little Shoppe - Texas Mold 

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    If item is low in stock and you are unable to add to cart, please message me and I will get you the exact quantity on hand. I split items between Etsy and Shopify so may have more on hand!